Celebrating an unforgettable birthday party with  Professor-Sun  is a unique performance once the children become young scientists in order to save professor's light laboratory from the evil  Professordark

What does the birthday party include?


-Facial painting

-Creating  a spectacular fog!  (which does not make dirt) 

6 חתוך


-Scientific ice cream  (For small groups and additional charge)


-Gifts for all  the children!


And more


A bried of the performance

The perform is divided into 3 parts:

Part 1:

In the first part of the show Professordark comes for a visit. The children together with Professor-Sutry to send away Professordark by doing a variety of scientific experiments. This way the children become young scientists and together with the main scientist – the child who celebrates his birthday they all save the birthday party from the evil Professordark.

Part 2

The children take part in fascinating magic tricks in order to stop Professordark ! For this purpose the birthday boy/girl is dressed with a special magician clothing and under the supervision of Professor-Sun  he will do different kinds of special and unique magic tricks in order to stop Professordark such as: fire magic, books turning on fire, preparing tonics and more.

In the end of part 2 the children together with the birthday child will eventually succeed in turning Professordark into a better person and surprisingly and with an educational moral he becomes Professor  Smile .

Part – 3:

Now as Professor  Smile  is no longer evil the children do not need to protect the lab anymore and the can start playing the carnival games (suited for their age).

All the children together with Professor-Sun  and evenProfessor  Smile  are dressed with carnival clothes, singing, dancing, playing carnival games and of course receiving prizes.

The carnival activities are amusing, contain good music and give a wonderful closure to the whole party celebration.



This activity is appropriated to ages 3 to 11 and the activities are modified according to the age of the children.

This activity suits birthday parties, summer camps, class activities and team building days.

It is a unique performance once the children become young scientists in order to save Professor-Sun laboratory from the evil Professordark.


-Making a vaporized foam 

-scientific magics


-Fire magic 

- carnival games 

-festival costumes

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