Throughout the show we will make and create unique experiments:


- Disappearing objects! (without magic, only science!)


-  Creating magnificent foam cannons! 


- Making liquid nitrogen cloud 


- Breaking the rays of sunshine and watching the colors of the rainbow  


- Each child receives a present: A personal science experiment

The show
"Professor-Sun and the adventures of the world of science" is an educational ,unique, and creative perform furthermore it has a value added of an educational moral

Summary of the show

"Professor-Sun and the adventures of the world of science":




The show "Professor-Sun and the adventures of the world of science" invites you to an extraordinary experience you have never met before, enter the exciting world that combines the beauty of science with a story about friendship and cooperation 


Professor-Sun is a scientist and a researcher brings her friends the children to her lab in order to show them the beauty of the world of science ;however her biggest enemy Professordark has reached her lab first in order to disrupt her lab

In order to bring the lab back to the way it was Professor-Sun and the children will make remarkable scientific experiments

furthermore this will be the best way to save the lab for good is to turn Professordark into a
Professor  Smile

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