I wish to tell you who I am!

Not that long ago and not in a far away land

There lived a very special professor

very pretty and unique

  Professor-Suwas her name

 Professor-Suwas blue haired, remarkably energetic and full of happiness


To the magnificent sail she decided to go

To reveal the adventures of the science world

Here it needs to be said

That in the world of science everything can occur!


Foam cannons reach the sky

Objects simply disappear in a blink of an eye

And the normal white color we know

Turns abruptly into the beautiful rainbow colors

Many more adventures are waiting for us in the magic world- the science world 

Recently the magnificent relax in the science world has been interrupted

Because of a vicious person who wanted to join the festival,

That is the biggest enemy of Professor-Sun.


Professordark is the evil with whom

Adventures and fun are not welcomed 

Join me to the magnificent journey in the world you have not yet seen

And help me once and for all defeat the vicious Professordark!

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